Employer's Guide to Islam

10 Jun 2014 9:43 AM | Anonymous

The Muslim Bar Association of New York is happy to announce that MuBANY's "Legal Employer's Guide to Islam in the Workplace" is currently available for readers upon request.  The Guide is an introductory document designed to educate legal employers about Islam, Muslims and the practices that Muslim employees may seek to express in the workplace. 


We began working on this project after we received several inquiries from law firms regarding Islam in the workplace, and this document has been reviewed by lawyers, diversity professionals, community advocates, and religious leaders.  The Guide is neither an authoritative resource nor a "one-size-fits-all" guide.  Instead, it is a simple overview to familiarize employers with some of the practices that might be important to Muslim employees.  As law firms become more and more diverse, we hope that this Guide will be a useful and informative tool.


The document is currently being made available to law firm diversity managers, who can submit a request for a copy via the "Contact" link above.  Thank you for your interest.


MuBANY is not a law firm and does not provide legal representation.

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