Third Circuit Cites MuBANY's Amici Brief

13 Oct 2015 5:41 PM | Anonymous

The Third Circuit issued an opinion in Hassan v. The City of New York reversing the district court’s decision and re-instated plaintiffs’ claims that the NYPD’s extensive, suspicion-less surveillance program targeting American Muslims and their communities violated plaintiffs’ religious liberty and equal protection rights under the Constitution.

The court cited the amici brief in support of the plaintiffs (see page 48) which MuBANY was a part of.

Opinion can be obtained here:,t,it/am=PiPeSMD8v_cHsc4QoF36SIW9997vLlL87MPj__cmgGSvAP5v9v8A_g3ei76Q/rt=h/d=1/t=zcms/rs=AHGWq9BBHFMZDHkyky-fxh5voE_h4geYmQ


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