MuBANY Signs Amicus Brief in Darweesh

16 Feb 2017 10:40 PM | Anonymous

The day of the EO signing (Jan 27), a memorandum was filed by the U.S. Department of State. This visa revocation memorandum provisionally revoked all immigrant and nonimmigrant visas held by nationals of the seven countries named in the Executive Order. In one fell swoop, the federal government upended the lives of tens of thousands of students, doctors, refugees, artists, and others – many of whom had waited years for their visas or who had traveled in and out of the United States for years on such visas.

Darweesh v. Trump addresses the legality of the President’s Executive Order, which purports to suspend the entry of people from the seven designated countries and refugees into the United States. 

Amici support the arguments of the petitioners that this order is illegal, and submit this amicus brief to address the emerging and related question of the illegality of the memorandum revoking visas on a class wide basis for all visa holders from the seven designated countries.

To read the entire Amicus Brief, please click the following link: Darweesh v Trump Community Organizations Visa Revocation_Amici Brief 2 16 2017 FOR ECF.pdf


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