Joint Statement on Pompeo/Haspel

19 Apr 2018 6:00 PM | Anonymous

Recently, in advance of the Senate confirmation hearings for Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, MuBANY and the National LGBT Bar Association sent a letter to Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand opposing the nomination.  In addition, the two bar organizations oppose the nomination of Gina Haspel as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. 

As you may know, Senator Schumer is the Minority Leader of the Senate and previously voted in support of Pompeo to his current post as CIA Director. The letter highlights Mike Pompeo’s history of blatant anti-Muslim bigotry.  Pompeo has frequently peddled anti-Muslim conspiracy theories from the floor of the House of Representatives to right-wing talk radio. Pompeo is ill-suited to be America’s lead diplomat.

During the George W. Bush Administration, Gina Haspel played a troubling role in our nation’s torture program.  She operated a CIA blacksite in Thailand and then subsequently in violation of a federal court order oversaw the destruction of videos documenting the torture of detainees. 

The letter further details the basis for their disqualification. 

Please click here to read the full letter. 


  • 06 Mar 2020 6:48 AM | Anonymous
    I am friend of Mike Pompeo who is the current secretary of the state and doing his job so wholeheartedly and bring betterment in public's life. I normally visit site to write my political notes on time. I hope he will continue work from the heart for this state's public as always so folks should thank him a lot like me.
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